Connect your WizFi310 to Ubidots






Have you used Wi-Fi module before?

Arduino and Wi-Fi module ‘WizFi310’ are used in this project to send a HTTP POST Request to Ubidot.

Like this example, you can request a HTTP REST API to other server using a WizFi310.



  • Experience of using Wi-Fi module
  • Experience of using IoT Platform Ubidot
  • A Little electronics, HTTP protocol knowledge



Let’s do

Before you are programming with Arduino, It would better to use and control a WizFi310 Module with AT Cmd.

It may help you to understand how it works!:)

You can get a WizFi310 Info here:


For more information about this project, visit the link below.

Author : Maria Carlina Hernandez
Tags:  Arduino, WizFi310, Ubidot, IoT


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