Arduino – Easy to Build IoT Device with ‘Cayenne’




What is Cayenne ?

Cayenne is the world’s first drag and drop IoT project builder that empowers developers, designers and engineers to quickly prototype and share their connected device projects. Cayenne was designed to help users create Internet of Things prototypes and then bring them to production.



IoT Devices are very common word. But To build IoT Device is different story. Even though there are many other IoT Devices, still It is hard to make it myself. 

Here is the Easy Way to do it!. It is the Getting Started how to build IoT Device with Arduino. 

Monitoring Sensor value on Dashboard? Easy!

Set Event and Get Alarm to your phone? Easy!

Managing your devices on Web? Easy!



Let’s do

Click here to get the Getting Started ‘Cayenne’.

If you want to use Rasberry Pi, ESP8266, LoRa, please enter here




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