Arduino + Ethernet Shield to Monitor Temperature




Today, the internet is a (daily) need, for messaging, browsing, business meetings and everything else that can be done with this technology. Here I will share about measuring temperature using Arduino and send data through the internet thanks to Arduino Ethernet shield. To do that, I will use thermistor 10K SEN as a sensor, Arduino UNO R3 as a microcontroller (to convert analog data to digital), Arduino Ethernet shield to send data via LAN cable, and a simple web server that’s built to receive data and display it in the HTML file.




Arduino Ethernet Shield

Resistor 10k

Temperature sensor (DS18B20)


Connection Explanation


The above picture is the schematic for the temperature measurement. Connect the 1st pin of the thermistor to the 10K resistor and the 2nd pin to the GND of Arduino. The 10K resistor’s 1st pin is connected to the Arduino 5V as supply and the 2nd pin is connected to the Analog Input 0 (A0) Arduino. After that, we could append the Ethernet shield atop the Arduino, which has exactly the same pin.

The Ethernet shield should use a LAN cable, which is a RJ45 cable, to communicate through the internet. When this is done, the last hardware step is to connect the Arduino with the computer using a USB cable. So, the real picture of the project should be like this.



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