Arduino Iot Parking system

Ethernet or Internet communication originally, a protocol has been defined between peer-to-peer and configured to communicate with that protocol.Ethernet shield uses the chip of Wiznet W5500 which solves the TCP/IP Protocols.

Chat Server.

A simple server that distributes any incoming messages to all connected clients. To use, open a terminal window, Telnet to your devices IP address, and type away.

Arduino Room Monitoring Web Server

In this Project we will use Arduino and Ethernet shield W5100 to create a simple Web server.Using the Ethernet library, the device will be able to answer a HTTP request with the Ethernet shield. After opening a browser and navigating to the Ethernet shield’s IP address, the Arduino will respond with just enough HTML for a browser to display the data

Weather Reporter-Temboo,Ethernet and Arduino

An Arduino UNO (and Ethernet Shield) queries Yahoo using a Temboo account, and retrieves weather information. The data is filtered and processed, and then passed on to another Arduino UNO to be displayed on a TFT LCD module. Two Arduino UNOs are used because the Ethernet library and the UTFT library are both memory hungry, and together consume more memory than one Arduino UNO can handle.