Hacking the OWI Robotic Arm using Cayenne and Controllino .

This project shows how to take over the controls of the OWI Robotic Arm with the help of an Arduino compatible open-source PLC called the Controllino MAXI, together with Cayenne . The Controllino MAXI provides the physical connections to the OWI robotic arm, and Cayenne allows control of the arm via a web browser or via the Cayenne app on phone thus enabling the control of the OWI Robotic arm from anywhere in the world.

Geo-location Watch via Wi-Fi

I want to make a watch, that can check my location and time. So I decided to make this watch using Wi-Fi module (WizFi250) and Cortex-M0 MCU (WIZwiki-W7500). For getting geolocation of this watch, I used ip-api.com which is a geolocation server and I used NTP server for getting the current time.