Visitor Tracking via WiFi -2


WizFi310 captured the probe request packet of the WiFi terminal and proceeded to save it to the SD card it is already done previously. So link is


  • WIZwiki-W7500ECO’s Ethernet
  • WizFi310
  • MQTT Broker
  • Raspberry PI


In this post, Next proceeded to a project to store MAC information of nearby WiFi terminals on a cloud server (MQTT Broker) using WIZwiki-W7500ECO’s Ethernet, not SD card.

The MQTT Broker to use is   .


The topic to use when publishing to the broker was used as the MAC of the device, and the message was taken as the RSSI value. (ex: topic: jehoon / f / 0008dc123456, message: 80)

In doing so, it is possible to know the existence of a certain WiFi device in the vicinity of WizFi310, the approximate stay time, and the like.

First, after running the MQTT broker on Raspberry PI, I checked to see if MQTT Publish is working properly.



Since then saw to try to Publish Broker, adafruit Broker is a topic people tried to remove and then re-Publish: ” In the MAC and then verify that Publish does not contain any “.”


Here are some of the things we learned from the project and analyzing the data:

  1.  You can see if a specific device is around the WizFi310. The graph below compares the two devices. The left device was a long way from WizFi310 during the morning hours and came in the afternoon.

On the right side of the graph, the device was not scanned during lunchtime in a certain pattern.




1. On the other hand, since the MAC is assigned a MAC range for each smartphone vendor, it can be filtered by each vendor’s smartphone.



The circuit configuration is the same as the previous project, and the source code is


Author:  daniel

Original Source:


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