ArduPower – remote control AC devices over Ethernet



This is an Arduino-based project to remotely control a bank of AC household current outlets through an Ethernet network. The AC outlets are controlled based upon Telnet commands and the system has built in password protection.


This project use main line power, assure that you take all precautions for preserve human health during project making, and when you use it.
Sized the components so that there is no overheating that can develop fire.
The author assumes no liability for damage to persons, things, animals and aircraft that were damaged by the use of electronic circuitry and computer program described below. 

Arduino-based project to create power strip driven remotely through an Ethernet network.
To turn outlets you are connecting to the microcontroller via telnet, and after entering a password, you can change the status of the main lines and see if they are on or off.
You can assign a name to each socket to identify the connected system, the tcp/ip arduino’s parameters are editable via telnet.
All tcp/ip parameters, the password and the information about the connected systems are stored in the eeprom, also the power line status before the system power down are stored in eeprom.
The project is realyzed with Arduino Uno and drive six main line sockets, you can add more socket to the free arduinos’s port by changing the code.


Hardware Requirements

1 x Arduino Uno
1 x Ethernet shield
1 x uln2003 (the circuit in photos use two uln2064b)
6 x red led
1 x green led
6 x relays 12 volt 10 ampere
6 x resistences 560 Ω 1/4 Watt
7 x circuit board terminals for two wires
1 x jumper
1 x capacitor 1000 µF 25 volt
6 x capacitor 0.047 µF 1000V
1 x 12 volt power supply


Important: the first time you upload the sketch to a new arduino’s board where the sckect never run before you must set the default tcp/ip parameters and password by shortening the jp1 jumper before you powe up the arduino.
With this action the microcontroller format the eeprom with the correct parameters.
On the description string of the connected systems remains garbage characters.
After the first power up disconnect the jp1 jumper and configure the tcp/ip parameters for connect to your network using the a telnet client.

The default parameters are:
tcp/ip address:
subnet mask:
default gateway:
password: password


Arduino Code

Click on the following link and download the zip file with the sketch and the library.




Circuit Diagram



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