WIZwiki-W7500 WebRadio player (streaming music player)






This project describes that Listen to your favourite Internet music radio stations with data streaming bit-rate up to 320 kbps!





The circuit

The circuit is very simple and combines only two boards. The WIZwiki-W7500 (W7500 for short) and the VS1053 mp3 decoder module. The W7500 board makes a connection to the Icecast server, requests the audio data stream and sends the received data to the VS1053 module for decoding. The VS1053 module receives the data stream from the W7500 and auto-recognize the audio data format. It recognizes if the data stream is midi or wav or mp3 or aac file format and decodes it. The user can listen to the music stream over the VS1053 audio jack that leads the headphones. The circuit is powered by 5V DC from the USB port of the W7500 board. The W7500 ethernet connector is connected to the ADSL router or to any Ethernet device that can provide Internet connection (router, hub, switch).  The connection diagram is based on a real boards photo for being recognized by any person that wants to build the circuit but he doesn`t have any experience in electronic circuit schematic diagrams. Just connect the two endpoints across every coloured line by following the picture 1 connection diagram.

The circuit does not contain any LCD screen for hardware simplicity. Instead of printing the information on LCD, the WebRadio station information is printed on the USB_Serial port that provides the W7500 board. Just connect the W7500 USB port to your computer, install the drivers and open your favourite Serial Terminal. In my case, I used the Termite v3.1 with settings 115200 bps.


Serial Terminal :

terminal1 terminal2terminal3

Demo Video :



For more information




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