How to create a website communicating Arduino by using PHP




Create a professional website communicating Arduino Ethernet Shield by using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP through your Localhost.


Hardware components:

Arduino UNO & Genuino UNO   × 1

Arduino Ethernet Shield 2      × 1

DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor   × 1
2 Way Relay   × 4
Mini Breadboard    × 1
Flame Sensor   × 1
MQ4 Gas Sensor   × 1
LDR   × 1
Hygrometer Sensor  × 3
ADSL Router Cable  × 1
Plug (one way)  × 7
Socket (one way)   × 7
9V Battery  × 1
9V Battery Barrel Cable  × 1
Software apps and online services:
The Apache HTTP Server
Ide web
Arduino IDE
Hand tools and fabrication machines:
Hy gluegun
Hot glue gun (generic)



Creating a professional website to control my aquarium and my irrigation system in my home and to receive the information about the home when I am not at the home is the main aspect of this project.

To achieve that goal, I created the Arduinautomotion project that includes 4 different HTML pages (Arduinautomotion.php, Arduinautomotioncontrol.php, Arduinautomotionformvalue.php, Arduinautomotioncommunication.php) in my Apache localhost. Also, the Arduino Ethernet Shield hosts another HTML web page (ArduinoSide.php) which can be reached with the chosen IPAddress, to communicate with the Arduinautomotion website.

I had thought about this project since I had to go a vacation for 2 weeks and I could not make the adjustments to my aquarium because of it. Sometimes I need to shut down the internal filter to avoid the oxygen level increasing in the aquarium or I need to open my feeder to feed the fish remotely. I added six options to control my aquarium’s content and one option to activate the irrigation system.

Furthermore, you can easily get the data about the home (such as temperature and humidity values come from DHT11 Sensor or methane gas value in the home comes from MQ4 Sensor) with Arduinautomotion through Arduino Ethernet Shield.

Thus, the Arduinautomotion website has an easy interface to get and send data about the home from Arduino.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and jQuery languages’ knowledge will be required to understand whole project’s content so that this is just a showcase for the project but if you know the languages, you can find all the web pages which the project includes as PHP code files below.

Note: I used Notepad++ to program the web pages.

For more information:


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