Hacking the OWI Robotic Arm using Cayenne and Controllino .


Description :

This project will show you how to take over the controls of the OWI Robotic Arm with the help of an Arduino compatible open-source PLC called the Controllino MAXI, together with Cayenne . The Controllino MAXI will provide the physical connections to the OWI robotic arm, and Cayenne will allow  to control the arm via a web browser or via the Cayenne app on phone.


Final Setup robotic arm    Cayenne Dashboard robotic arm

After all the physical connections  are made, upload the code to the Controllino, and  create the dashboard in Cayenne, you should be able to control the  OWI Robotic arm from anywhere in the world.


Components Required : 

  • OWI Robotic Arm
  • Controllino MAXI – Arduino Compatible, open-source PLC
  • Free Cayenne Account
  • Arduino MEGA with Ethernet Shield W5100
  • 2.1mm DC Socket with Screw Terminals
  • Female to Male Jumper Wires
  • Solid Core wire


Author : Scott C


For detailed information about the project and the source code , please refer to the following link http://arduinobasics.blogspot.in/2017/03/hacking-robotic-arm-using-controllino.html


Tags : Arduino compatible Open-source PLC, Cayenne, Controllino, IoT, OWI Robotic Arm, project, Smartphone, Arduino MEGA with Ethernet Shield W5100,201703 .


Demo video :


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