Persistence of Vision (POV) Display With IR LED


Description :

POV stands for Persistence Of Vision . It is the phenomenon where an image that is seen by the eye persists for about 0.04 seconds during which any other image seen are merged together with this image .


This phenomenon is used in the POV Display as we turn the LEDs on and off in such a way that the different images overlap each other thus  forming letters. The POV display consists of an oscillating shaft with 6 LED’s mounted on the end of the shaft.The POV display can be done using just a DC Motor instead of an oscillating shaft as they are much cheaper and easily available compared to the shafts.

This project describes  how to make the POV display by yourself and also about the  hardware and software for Basic and upgraded POV Display.


Components Required :

1. WIZwiki-W7500ECO board (mbed platform)

2.  LEDs

3. IR LED (TX, RX[photosensor])

4. Photo-transistor (SG-23FF)

5.  DC motor

6.  Li-ion Battery (3.7V)


Hardware for Basic POV Display :


Hardware for Upgraded POV Display 



For more information about the  project and code, please refer to the following link  :


Tags : 201801 ,Wizwiki-w7500 , Persistence Of Vision .

Author : Leo


Demo Video of POV Display with WIZwiki-W7500 :


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