Ethernet based Voice Streaming



This project introduces you to the concept of Ethernet Voice Streaming which is helpful in order to send real time voice message to wherever internet enabled area exists .




With this project, you can listen to your friends and loved ones for free over the internet. Most of all, this system is easy to implement and can  be made at a low price.



Components required:

1. WIZwiki-W7500 : (One will trasmit voice, the other will receive voice)

2. Microphone ( Electret Microphone Amplifier – MAX9814 from Adafruit)
3. Speaker

4. Resistor and  Capicitor for R C low pass filter

Hardware connections


the hardware connections is as seen above .For transmission device it need a microphone, a speaker and RC filter for receive device.

That is all for hardware connection.

Analog Out for Speaker (PWM DAC, RC Filter)


There is no analog out IP in WIZwiki-W7500. But we can generate analog out from PWM out operation.

Creating a real DAC

Fortunately, it is easy to convert a PWM output to an analog voltage level, producing a true DAC. All that is needed is a simple low-pass filter made from a resistor and a ceramic capacitor. The simple RC low-pass filter shown in the third photo converts the PWM signal to a voltage proportional to the duty cycle. For the Arduino, an R value = 3.9K and a C value = 0.1uF works well for most applications.



For more information ,please refer  to the following link :


For source code ,please refer  to the following link :


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