DIY Digital Camera




How to make a DIY Digital Camera. It is very easy and simple. Let’s start!


Step 1: Materials

1. WIZwiki-W7500 board 

2. Arducam Rev.C 

3. micro SD Card 

4. OV5642 Camera 

5. Battery 

6. USB mini B type cable 

Step 2: Hardware Connection:


Arducam Rev.C is stacking to WIZwiki-W7500

and OV5642 Camera stacking to Arducam Rev.C

SD card is put to Arducam Rev.C

and connected battery

Just stacking !!

Step 3: Software:

Step 4: Serial Terminal:

Run the Serial terminal

Step 5: Demo:


Demo video

This is 1920x1080p image frame

SD Card save time is 5s~15s.

If you want fast save, then

please set  image frame setting under  size. (setting is in source code!)


Source Code:


For more information:


Author:- Justin Kim




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