Dynamic DNS updater without requiring a PC


In this project,we use DynDNS to keep the home network a FQDN’s (Fully Qualified Domain Name) reach away. For most people who don’t like the idea of leaving their computer on all the time to keep the IP updated , DynDNS is a convenient service. This is where the Arduino DDNS module comes into play.



Everything is made from a circuit that incorporates an Ethernet interface WIZnet WIZ811MJ, managed by an Atmega328 micro controller programmed with the Arduino boot loader, so it all works like an Arduino and you can use the Arduino IDE.

The module periodically checks to see if the user’s IP has changed, updating the DynDNS entry as and when needed. The Arduino communicates to the network via a WIZnet Ethernet breakout board, contacting DynDNS’ servers to check and update the user’s IP over a series of standard HTTP requests.

Even with the availability of several router firmware packages such as DD-WRT that have this functionality built-in, this project makes for a good alternative when those resources are unavailable.


So the components used for this project  are :

  • Atmega328 microcontroller programmed with the Arduino bootloader
  • Ethernet interface WIZnet WIZ811MJ
  • Arduino IDE
  • https://dyn.com/dns/  :  site  on which IP address of your network is published .


For source code and detailed content , please refer to this link : https://www.open-electronics.org/arduino-ddns-dynamic-dns/

Author : Boris Landoni

Tags : 201104 ,Arduino, Dynamic DNS, dyndns, Home networking, Arduino IDE,WIZnet WIZ811MJ .


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