Ethernet Camera With Mbed Platform WIZwiki-W7500





In this project, the image data acquired from the camera is stored on the Micro SD card and displayed through a web browser.

To implement this function, you need a Platform board, network Interface board, camera module. It is very easy and simple way with no need any app. for smart phone.


Hardware Requirements

1. WIZwiki-W7500 Platform

2. TTL Serial Camera

3. SD card


Hardware Connection

Hardware connection is very easy.

Just follow picture.

Hardware connection



We need connect UART TX, RX, 5V and GND.


Software Requirements



Source URL:


In the code you have to modify the IP address as yours.


Demo videos:-

Demo 1:-

Demo 2:-

First video shows the first start of this project to take two pictures.

Second video shows how to take a picture via tcp file server (take a picture by clicking).


For more Details

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