Creating customized User Interface (UI) for Internet based Arduino Garage Door Opener .


Description :

If you happen to lose your keys and are stuck outside your house ,this could be avoided if you have already prepared some other gateway like triggering a garage door opener through a website hosted by an Arduino.

You must be aware of the wonders of Arduino and when it is connected to a wireless network, it is accessible from your smartphone. It can be directly connected to the web server where you just need to enter a password, activate the garage door and get inside your house without having to  break into anything. In this project, a MegunoLink Pro interface panel is used for configuration of the program.


custom UI creation    ui of garage door


Components required :

  • Arduino Etherten :The Etherten includes an Ethernet module based on the Wiznet  W5100  chip .
  • A relay : To activate the garage door opener.
  • A relay breakout board.
  • A transistor  : such as the 2N2222 or 2N3904 to turn the relay on and off .
  • A diode : Such as 1N4001 which is connected across the relay , protects the transistor when the relay turns off.
  • Hall effect sensors : To detect the door position .
  • Building an Arduino User Interface with MegunoLink .wiring for customized door opener

For more detailed information to build a web enabled Arduino garage door opener, please refer to this link :


For source code, please look into the following link :


Tags : 201610 ,Wiznet W5100 , Arduino Etherten ,  User Interface , Hall effect sensors , Relay .


Author : Paul Martinsen


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