Control IoT Device by Android Phone or IPhone Through Cloud Server




In this project we implement a firmware by WIZ550web SW modification.  We can manage the status of equipment even if it is so far.

Hardware Requirements

1. WIZ550web module.
2. WIZ550web Base Board.
3. LAN cable
4. Serial cable
5. USB to Serial adapter
7. Jumper wires
8. Breadboard
9. 12V lamp
6. 12V power


Hardware Connection

Connect an LAN, Serial cable and USB-to-Serial adaptor.

For more information about hardware:


Prepare Development Environment

Prepare GCC development environment by the following site.

Installe GNU Toolchain, Java JDK, Eclipse, Cygwin.
If you install all tools, you are ready for running this project.
You can use a Configuration Tool by the following temporarily.


How to use a CFG tool :

WIZ550web source :


Software: GitHub Repository


Download the files and import to Eclipse. After compiling, can run Blynk application of WIZ550web module.


How to Run

1. To program FW into a target.
2. To reset a target and insert MAC address.
3. To search a target by Configuration Tool.
4. To check Host IP and Options.
5. To change IP, Gateway properly.
6. To search a target by Configuration Tool again.
7. To make sure the connection with Blynk Server through terminal program.
8. To control D0 pin of target by Android phone or iPhone or Browser.
You can see the test result in the video.


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