Temperature and humidity check system through TTS




This project checks the temperature and humidity information through TTS(Text to Speech) of Android. This project is also an example for the mbed RPC library and Python interface.

The libraries used in this project are:-

  • DHT : Library to control temperature/humidity sensor
  • HTTPServer : Library for using HTTP server in mbed platform
  • mbed-rpc: Library for mbed RPC
  • WIZnetInterface : Library for using ethernet without software stack. This library is for WIZnet products.


Smartphone Application:

The android application is made using kivy library of Python. This application can control the mbed device and get information from the mbed device.

For implementation and operation you have to download Qpython on Android. And we need kivy library to implement UI program and AndroidHelper library to use TTS on Android.

Editing Source Code:

Here we write the source code using the PC and then copy source code to Qpython using it’s FTP service.

If FTP connection is successful you can see folder tree as follows:

We can use source code in Android after uploading it.

FTP success

Here a folder is made as “project3/RPC_TTS” and then we should copy kivy.py and mbedRPC.py.

The mbedRPC.py is mbed python RPC library and kivy.py is for UI of Android application.



Source URL:



For details: https://www.hackster.io/kaizen8501/mbed-http-rpc-server-3908ff


Demo video:


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