Send Alert Location Inform to Twitter using GPS with WIZwiki





The purpose of this project is to track the person in Alert/Emergency situation. It is to notify others about our current situation and provide our location.


Step 1: Twitter with Proxy Server

twitter with proxy server

Here we use social media network because it is a great platform to get attention from others in our emergency situation. We can use any of the social network; here we use Twitter. And also we are using a Proxy Server.

Here we save the data to Proxy Server  cache and only when requested the data will be send to other specific server.

Proxy Server:


Step 2: Hardware Connection


We need to connect mainly three things to the Wizwiki W7500, SWITCH to start, BUZZER to alert and GPS to get location details.

GPS to w7500



Source URL:

Join the proxy server and get the token it supports then put it in the code.


Final Performance:


When the switch is pressed Wizwiki W7500 send the location and current time every 1 minute to the proxy server. The proxy server send the data to the Twitter account.


For more details:


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