Bluetooth Smart Fan with W7500



This project is based on controlling fan with bluetooth.



I will introduce a BT Smart Fan.
You can make bluetooth smart fan if you follow this contents.
It is very easy and simple way.
Let’s start!


Hardware Materials

We need a several materials

  1. WIZwiki-W7500 board
  2. Arduino Motor Shield
  3. Easy Module Shield(not absolutely necessary)
  4. JMOD-BT-1(HC-05) bluetooth module
  5. Servo motor(SG-90)
  6. DC motor(5V DC motor)
  7. Rubber eraser (just support DC motor any object)
  8. Some scatch tapes
  9. DC jack(connect Motor Shield)
  10. Some hexagon spacer nut/screw
  11. Some cables
  12. USB mini B type cable
  13. 5V DC Power Supply

They are all… for this project~!



Hardware Connection

1) Servo+WIZwiki-W7500



2)Arduino motor Shield + DC Motor + DC Jack

Arduino motor shield + DC motor +DC Jack


3) Arduino motor shield + WIZwiki W7500

motorshield+W7500                      FB83D5JIBGCE8AV.MEDIUM


4) Arduino motor shield+ Easy shield

Easy module +Arduino motor driver


5) Easy shield + Bluetooth module

Easy shield+bluetooth



Software Used

ARMmbed :

Source URL:

For hardware details:

Demo video:-


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