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Tiny Farmer is a smart farm solution based on IoT that enables farmers to easily manage crops through smart phones or PCs.

It is a convenient IoT solution that allows you to easily check and adjust various information needed for cultivation such as temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, illumination, etc. regardless of place and time. Farmers with TinyFarmer can easily expand the cultivation area. Agricultural research institutes and Agricultural Promotion Agency can utilize Big Data, established by using Tiny Farmer, for cultivation technology development and agricultural policies.




Various information (temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, soil condition, etc.) necessary for crop management can be easily managed, and water supply and opening / closing equipment installed in facility cultivation can be controlled.


Using a web-based interface, you can check various information and manage facilities regardless of location.


Utilizing open-source-based hardware, the system can be built at an economical cost.



TinyFarmer can be configured as above, divided into sensor board and control board.

The sensor board is connected to the WiFi and the network, and collects data from various sensors and transmits them to the WiFi server.

The control board uses WIZ550S2E of WIZnet to connect the network to the wired network and receives commands from the TinyFarmer’s servo to control various devices.

Users can view sensor data and control the desired devices in a mobile app or web browser.



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