Teensy-Arduino Cross-over (Adapter) Board


Teensy-Arduino Cross-over (Adapter) Board

by Epyon.be


Ever since he discovered the Teensy 3.0 board from PJRC, he is hooked up to it. It’s compatible with the Arduino programming language, but the microcontroller is so much more powerful than a regular Arduino or even the Arduino Due. The only downside is the limited amount of Teensy expansion shields. But what if you could hook up all your Arduino shields to the Teensy? You could then take advantage of both the powerful microcontroller as well as the variety of Arduino expansion shields. That’s why he developed the Teensy-Arduino adapter shield, which does just what it says on the tin: seamless compatibility between the Teensy 3.0 board and Arduino shields

Main Features

  • Drop-in, pin-to-pin Arduino Rev3 compatible
  • Convert between Teensy and Arduino footprints: unlock the wealth of different Arduino shields for your Teensy projects
  • Interface Arduino 5V levels (logic and even analog!) to Teensy 3.3V level: no need to make any change to your existing Arduino projects
  • Bidirectional logic buffers can source up to 50mA per digital output (up from 9mA per Teensy output)
  • Unity gain opamps on analog inputs improve accuracy and speed of analog-to-digital conversion
  • Run your Teensy from any 7-15V DC power supply
  • Select 3.3V logic levels with a simple switch to use your Teensy with 3.3V Arduino shields (in stead of 5V)

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