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The project presented here it is a TCP/IP socket system between an Arduino Ethernet Shield and a program running in a laptop elaborated by Processing. To demonstrate a total communication between the client and the server of the TCP/IP socket, I’ve designed a program in which the data sensors are represented in the screen and when a button is pushed, the client or the server respond with a light.

The analog signals captured by Arduino are the signal of a potentiometer, a temperature sensor, a humidity air sensor and a soil moisture sensor. Furthermore, I’ve connected to Arduino three buttons in the digital inputs and three led in the digital outputs. On one hand, the information of the sensors is represented by Processing. When a button is pressed, the lamp of the Processing program changes his color. One button is for the red color, other for the yellow color and another for the green color. On the other hand, there are three buttons in the Processing Program. If you press one of them, you switch on a led for a second on the Sensor Shield.

Materials Component name(figures)

  • Arduino Uno and USB wire (1)
  • Arduino Ethernet Shield (1)
  • Ethernet Cat.5 Crosswire (1)
  • Humidity Sensor. 808H5V5 (1)
  • Potentiometer.10k Ohm (1)
  • Temperature Sensor. MCP9700A (1)
  • Soil Moisture Sensor (1)
  • Buttons (3)
  • Res.: 330 Ohm(3), 10k ohm(3)
  • leds: Red(1), Yellow(1), Green(1)

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