Android Controlled Smart Home System Prototype over Web Server with Arduino


Android Controlled Smart Home System Prototype over Web Server with Arduino


The purpose of this study is to facilitate the life of human beings with the systems used and to provide space security. Lighting, air conditioning, curtain and water treatment system control can be controlled from the desired place via the written android application and the ambient temperature can be read. If it is declared not to be at home, the warning system is activated in case of movement and fire. At the same time, the application can be followed. This automation also has a scrambled door lock system, automatic garden lighting, water storage and purification system. The energy of the system is provided by solar panels installed on the roof.

• 1 Arduino Mega, 1 Arduino Uno R3 and Ethernet Shield are used in the work performed.
• Communication is carried out over the local network.
• The communication between the Android interface and the ethernet shield takes place via a web server.
• According to the intensity of light called Ldr, the garden lighting system works autonomously.
• The password entered from the keypad is displayed on the LCD screen and if correct input is made, the servo motor is activated and the door control is performed.
• Illumination, air conditioning, water treatment and curtain control are performed according to the data coming from the ethernet shiel through the android interface.
• The ambient temperature reading from the LM35 temperature sensor is shown on the android interface via an ethernet shield.
• According to the value read from the flame sensor, it shows through the ethernet shield whether or not there is a fire in the android interface.
• The digital value read from the PIR sensor indicates whether or not there is movement in the android interface via an ethernet shield.
• The energy of the system is provided by solar panels mounted on the roof.
• Evin water need and garden watering are collected in a depot with the help of the water channels on the roof of the rain water and transported to the required area through the water pump.

Controlled units:
• Lighting control • Temperature control
• Flame control • Water treatment control
• Climate control • Locked door lock
• Motion control • Curtain control
• Automatic garden lighting system

Thanks to this project, the control of the in-house systems has been provided remotely and automatically. The data is sent to microcontroller via ethernet shield and modem and taken from microcontroller. In addition, controls are provided according to sensor and keypad input data. In this project, nine separate units were checked. If desired, new units can be added and controlled in the system.

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