Log Temperature, Humidity, and Heat Data with Arduino to an SD Card


Overview : 

In this article, we are going to make a data-logger using an Arduino Ethernet shield.

The Arduino Ethernet shield has a Micro SD card slot which is used to insert the SD card in it and store the data in it.


Required : 

1. Arduino Uno

2. Ethernet Shield

3. DHT 22

4. Micro SD card


Configuration : 

The DHT22 sensor can measure the temperature and humidity.

We will read the temperature and humidity values from the DHT22 sensor and then we will calculate the heat index using these values.

Then we will send these values to the SD card using the library functions.

First, we will check to see if the SD card has initialized properly or not.

If the SD card has not initialized properly, then we need to create a file in the SD card in which we will send the data.

Then we will write the sensor readings one by one in the SD card file.


<Circuit Diagram>


Source code : https://diyhacking.com/sensor-data-logging-arduino-sd-card/?platform=hootsuite

Author : Ali Hamza

Original : https://diyhacking.com/sensor-data-logging-arduino-sd-card/?platform=hootsuite


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