Iot2020 Based Industrial Boiler Controller


This project is made of  the “IoT2020” that is the open source platform and 4 programming languages on this project to demonstrate the flexibility of the system.(python, arduino,  c++, java script)

author made a system  that can control water pump as a fuel pump and use gravity to turn a flow sensor for a steam turbine.




# The author won the second prize in the last “SIMATIC IOT2020” contest.


1. TCP Socket server and Serial Bridge

The first part is the Pump controller which uses an arduino with a Modbus like TLV protocol. An FTDI is used at the USB interface and I have written a TCP to Serial bridge that translates commands on a TCP Socket to serial or Modbus commands.





2. Arduino Sketch

I use a RGB Color LCD driven by an Arduino sketch using libraries provided by the manufacturer. This is simple and runs in parallel with the rest of the code.




3. MQTT and NodeJS

For remote sensors, I used an Arduino UNO with an ethernet shield to send data to an MQTT broker. Mosquitto runs on the Iot2020 and relays messages to a NodeJS service.




4. Node Red Gateway

I use Node Red To sort the data and trigger the automatic control. I used Javascript Code to parse data and trigger the pump. When a flow of less than 5 Liters/minute is detected, the pump is triggered. A delay preset delay is used to control the duration of the pump and is turned off after 2 seconds.




5. Initial State

The data is transmitted online for a dashboard. The data is pushed via curl commands as POST requests and is updated once every seconds. This can be changed in Node Red if required.



# Most of the images contained in this article are captured in the authors ‘ video that explain the source code.

# Further more details you can find link below.





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