Industruino with BLYNK over Ethernet


By popular demand, we have tested the mobile IoT app, and we confirm it’s easy to get to work on the Industruino platform. This article show the communication between the Blynk App and industruino.




How to run:

The Industruino( runs a counter, printed on the LCD, and sends it to the app every second, using a Blynk timer. The number shows up in the app.

The app has a button to control the backlight of the Industruino LCD, in the same was as it can control any output of the Industruino.



  • D21G microcontroller (Arduino Zero )
  • W5500
  • Blynk App



1. Start with the instructions standard instructions here, and when you create your project in the app


2. Install the Blynk & Ethernet2 libraries.

In order to use Blynk App and Ethernet connection, you need to install libraries.



3. Copy & Insert your Auth token in the Blynk App to your sketch.

In order to connect Blynk App and Arduino, you need Auth token.



4. refer to demo code.

The demo code shows the 2-way communication between the Blynk app on a mobile phone/tablet, and the Industruino connected to the internet.




Further more details and Source code in the link below.


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