Frag-Duino : Fritz!Boy Serial communication b/w Arduino & Gamboy (GBDK)


Fritz! Boy: Serial communication between Arduino and Gameboy (GBDK)

by Marcel Imig


This project describes both the communication between an Arduino Mega and a UPNP capable router, as well as the serial communication between Gameboy and Arduino. This is a contribution for the “Pimp your Fritz!” Competition of the Maker Faire 2015 in Berlin. The conditions of participation are here. The finalists are on the site of AVM. The winners at Heise.

Required Component :

  • Gameboy (DMG) oder Gameboy Color 30 €
  • USB 64m Smart card (z.B. von hier) 50 €
  • Gameboy Link cabel 5 €
  • Arduino Mega 15 €
  • Arduino Ethernet Shield 10 €
  • Housing (Optional) 5 € ~100 €

How to Run

After the Arduino Mega microcontroller has received an IP address from the Fritz! Box, it sends a SOAP request to its default gateway. In this query, he queries the properties of the WAN interface and returns the maximum up- and download bandwidth (“NewLayer1UpstreamMaxBitRate” and “NewLayer1DownstreamMaxBitRate”). Next, he intermittently polls the current bandwidth usage every three seconds (“NewByteReceiveRate” and “NewByteSendRate”). The collected values ​​are converted into megabits and transferred to the gameboy every second via the serial interface. A game is played on the game board’s cartridge, which listens on the serial port and displays the last 50 received values on a scale.

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