Android Controlled Smart Home System Prototype over Web Server with Arduino

The purpose of this study is to facilitate the life of human beings with the systems used and to provide space security. Lighting, air conditioning, curtain and water treatment system control can be controlled from the desired place via the written android application and the ambient temperature can be read. If it is declared not to be at home, the warning system is activated in case of movement and fire. At the same time, the application can be followed. This automation also has a scrambled door lock system, automatic garden lighting, water storage and purification system. The energy of the system is provided by solar panels installed on the roof.


The project presented here it is a TCP/IP socket system between an Arduino Ethernet Shield and a program running in a laptop elaborated by Processing. To demonstrate a total communication between the client and the server of the TCP/IP socket, I’ve designed a program in which the data sensors are represented in the screen and when a button is pushed, the client or the server respond with a light.