FYD Open Source Hardware – W5500 Ethernet Module


FYD Open Source Hardware – W5500 Ethernet Module

Product Information:

USR-ES1 embedded W5500 chip, transmits a logic gate Wiznet TCP / IP protocol stack, for a hardware implementation using layer and a network layer (: a TCP, UDP, ICMP, IPv4, ARP, IGMP, pppoe protocol), integrated data link, physical , cache data transceiver 32 thousand bytes as chip RAM. Create a master PC chips, just bear TCP / IP application layer control information processing tasks. Therefore, the load PC data replication, protocol processing, and the interrupt handling, such as increased system utilization and reliability.

Operation, the user W5500 MCU peripheral RAM, very easy to use as the rough. W5500 General High-speed external interfaces 80 million hertz SPI, another platform extension, select Fast Ethernet solutions. Auto-negotiation LED status display high-speed SPI interface stability.

Wiznet official size and pin compatible modules WIZ820io

Note: This module does SPI-Ethernet transparent transmission module requires an external MCU, I kid you not understand using W5500 chip. STM32 provides examples.




  1. 80 million high-speed SPI interface Hertz
  2. Built-in hardware TCPIP protocol stack, almost grasp complex network protocol knowledge of the user
  3. 8 socket connection support
  4. Protocol Support TCP, UDP, ICMP, IPv4, ARP, IGMP, pppoe
  5. It integrates the data link and physical layers
  6. Wake Support
  7. For a high-speed serial peripheral interface (SPI mode 03)
  8. Inside 32 thousand bytes of receive buffer
  9. Embedded 10 BaseT / 100 Basetx four Ethernet physical layer (PHY)
  10. Supports auto-negotiation (10/100 based on full / half duplex)
  11. IP fragmentation is not supported
  12. 3.3 volt operating voltage, I / O signal port 5 volts
  13. LED display state (full / half duplex, network connection, network speed, active)
  14. Ultra-small plug-pin package, easy to embedded applications
  15. The application provides C routines

Product Features:

  1. Power: 3.3 volt external power supply, 200mA be large current
  2. Control Interface Forms: 3.3 Volt TTL level, SPI interface; 2 * single pin
  3. PCB Size (MM): 23 * 25mm
  4. Mechanical dimensions (L * W * H’s): 28.5 * 23 * 24mm


source : https://ko.aliexpress.com/item/W5500-Ethernet-module-over-the-SPI-interface-module-W5100-W5200-nontransparent-send-routine/32476595935.html
Tags : VAR, W5500
Author : FYD Open Source Hardware



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