pbTLS Security Dimension On Embedded Devices



Already performed some early benchmarks:

The test environment is a device-to-device scenario consisting of two ARM Cortex M4 @168 MHz and 20kByte RAM in combination with a WIZnet W5500 TCP/IP Ethernet controller.

As a real life comparison we also captured performance data on a Windows or Linux based PC with Core i5 @1.7 GHz with 12GB RAM.

Test application in all benchmarks is a normal (https) webserver demo.

Baseline values for the PC: 50 ms for complete RSA key exchange and RSA key calculation at a total of ~200 ms for the complete transaction.

The following devices are in our benchmark pipeline: ARM Cortex M3 @20 MHz to 50 MHz and ARM Cortex M7 @216 MHz/300 MHz

Connection Time

  • 2.6 ms for TCP socket initialization
  • 1.4 ms for client hello
  • 1.4 ms for server hello
  • 161.6 ms for TLS negotiation
  • 195 ms for RSA Key exchange
  • 346 ms for RSA decrypt
  • 60 ms for web page delivery
  • A total of 768 ms for the complete transaction


Memory Usage


  • 50 kByte pbTLS library
  • 50 kByte demo application


  • 500 Byte to 5 kByte dynamically
    (depends on application, max ~16 kByte)


Power Consumption

  • 170 mA @ 3.3 V (~560 mW) maximum


Source : http://www.pointblank-security.net/pbtls/benchmarks/


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