Make weather station using Arduino ethernet shield & Gladys




When people try something with Ethernet, they would like to receive sensing data in real time.

There are many ways. They can do it on the web or using the cloud service or the smart phone application.

The author made a project that shows measured temperature-humidity value in real time using Gladys service.

If you want easy display with good service, please refer to this posting.

He named it Weather Station in this posting.

It is not Weather Station until it receives value from the outside.

It could be my own Weather Station if you get the information about temperature and humidity of where you want to know.


For your reference, this page is written in French.





– Arduino UNO R3

– Arduino Ethernet  shield (w5100)

– Ethernet Cable

– USB cable (power)

– DHT-11 (temperature and humidity sensor)


Software Tool

– Arduino IDE

– Gladys


Dated : DECEMBER 13, 2015

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