DS2148WZ: LPC2148 ARM7 development board with Ethernet


LPC2148 ARM7 + WIZnet W5300 = small, fast, low power web server

253c r7w53b

Digital Shortcut Inc. DS2148WZ board combines NXP’s LPC2148 ARM7 microcontroller and W5300 network chip by WIZnet Inc. When your project calls for Ethernet or USB interface it gives you a head start in your embedded project design process. This small factor board can be configured as a very efficient web server and still has most of the LPC2148 resources available for your application. The W5300 Ethernet Controller makes complex task of TCP/IP packet processing and serving web pages no more difficult than working with UART. Just imagine the possibilities of having internet appliance controlled by 1 Watt board capable of serving content of this very web site with performance on par with “real” servers and with advantage of having a hardware features like USB, PWM, UART, I2C, SPI, AD, DA available. If you are starting a new ARM project, or want to learn about ARM processor and Ethernet or just need a web server for your “coffee maker”, it is the perfect board for you.

Source : http://www.digitalshortcut.com/2148WZ.html


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