ThingPlus WizFi250 User Guide


Thing+ Guide for Arduino(Arduino with WizFi250 & Non-SSL)

  1. Install Arduino IDE
  2. Environment Setting
  3. Arduino Firmware install
  4. Gateway Registration
  5. Firmware build and upload

1. Install Arduino IDE

1) Install Arduino IDE upon PC OS environment. Please use above version. 1.6.9.

2. Environment Setting

1) Connect Arduino and PC.

  • Connect sensors as the following.

Arduino Select Port

  • Below is WizFi250 EVB from wiznet. Check mac address at top of wizFi250 chip.Arduino Mac Address
  • Connect Arduino Uno(Orange Board) with grove shield and then Connect wizFi250 EVB on there.Arduino Select Port

2) Execute Arduino IDE.
3) Select USB for Arduino Port in IDE. (for windows, COMxx)

  • Tools -> Port -> Arduino/Genuino UnoArduino Select Port


For more information, refer to this URL.




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