Smart Home Internet of Things Kit V2.0 for Arduino



1)The Smart Home IoT Kit enables you to DIY a simple smart home system with Arduino, providing fun and convenience.
2)With a detailed user manual containing 8 projects, code, datasheets, and so on; on DeviceBit, you can control devices remotely in real time via the controller options.
3)Quick-responding technical support for free.
4)In this Smart Home system, you can constantly upload the data read from sensors to DeviceBit.

Technical Details
This is a great kit for you to learn about Arduino and apply many smart home devices. Apart from a components list, we also provide details about the Devicebit Platform including operation instructions, and 7 experiments to apply these components and learn about the related modules. Detailed materials such as module description, principle explanation and related code are provided on the corresponding page in LEARN on SunFounder website. Now start your IoT journey!

For more detailed information, refer to this URL.


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