IoT W5500 Arduino Ethernet development board


IoT Arduino Ethernet development board based on Atmel ATMEGA644 and WIZnet W5500 with demo firmware.

This development board has everything you need to start your ethernet based IoT project and Ethernet is still most reliable from low-cost connections to the internet today.


IoT W5500 Arduino Ethernet development board

Tinovi ethernet board has total 8 analog/digital inputs accessible vai 4 connectors 2 inputs each and 5 relay outputs. It is based on ATMEGA644PA-AU MCU and WIZnet W5500 ethernet chip. Inputs have USB-A type connector male socket each having access to 2 ATMEGA644PA-AU analog IO pins (PA0-PA7) and +5V power and ground. USB A-Type connector is very flexible. It allows to directly plug in PCB board with sensor adapter on it. Also, can be used for custom outputs. Currently, we have adapted DTH11 or DTH22 humidity and temperature sensors as well as popular DS18B20 digital temperature and NTC10K analog temperature sensors. Tinovi ethernet board have I2C connector for RTC and ATMEGA644PA-AU UART1 (Arduino Serial1) interface connector on the board. For ATMEGA644PA-AU UART0 (Arduino Serial) there is an option to solder in the board RS485 line driver and terminal connector to access industrial devices.


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