Home Automation with Cayenne Arduino-IOT Projects


Home Automation with Cayenne Arduino-IOT Projects


This project is an example of Home Automation device.
User can manage his house easily by using Arduino platform.
This project would be included in Automation category of WIZnet Museum.

Hardware components:

-. Arduino Mega 2560

-. Arduino Ethernet Rev.3

-. ControlEverything.com Relay Shield

Software apps and online services:

-. Arduino IDE

-. Cayenne




Library Installation:

  • Open Arduino IDE
  • Go to Sketch
  • Select Include Library
  • Select Add .Zip file

Connect you Arduino UNO with USB cable to the computer and configure properly. If you don’t know check this link for configuration of Arduino IDE

Step 4:

Back to Cayenne Dashboard Select your board and Shield after that, a popup appear with Code for Arduino copy it and upload it to your board with Arduino IDE tool.

NOTE: after uploading, code connects you Arduino UNO with the internet

when you correctly did everything Cayenne Automatically detect your Arduino .

Cayenne Arduino IOT Dashboard Settings

Now you have to add Sensors/Actuators. first, create project give any name to it now you have to add sensors/actuators according to your project. In this project, I used LDR sensor to control garden lights and water tank motor with the relay module.

Wiring Diagram

  • LDR sensor at Analog Pin A02
  • Relay 1 at Digital Pin D12 ( water pump)
  • Relay 1 at Digital Pin D11 (Garden Lights)

How to add sensors and relays? 

Select Device/Widget from Add new drop down Menu.

Select sensors/Actuators.

Now select Relay Actuator and add two relay actuators/button one for the water pump and second for LDR light.

To make garden light auto with LDR select Luminosity sensor. When you added sensor and relays you need to configure each which you connected on Arduino board on which pin Digital/Analog. See below images how I configure.

You can also use invert logic in setting of any sensors/actuators. What is inverted Logic? Invert Logic can be used to reverse the high/low signal. The most common use of this is with a LED: if the button on the dashboard turns the light on when it should be turning it off, clicking “invert logic” will reverse the signal to correct the problem.

Now we need to add Trigger go to sensor settings and select trigger option.

Now add trigger drag Arduino board to IF and then section follow instruction as mention below in images

LDR OFF Trigger

LDR ON Trigger

You have done setting for this project Cayenne Arduino home automation project is ready. You can add more sensors like PIR sensor for home security, weather sensor, ultrasonic sensor to measure distance and much more!

Cayenne IOT dashboard also has a feature to schedule your sensors/actuator and also you can add a trigger for notifying for example when the pump on and off .you can get notification via Email and SMS no matter where are you, you can control and manage your project from Mobile app and PC.

If you want to know more in detail, refer to

Source : https://www.hackster.io/mrmodder/home-automation-with-cayenne-arduino-iot-projects-01458c?ref=part&ref_id=31785&offset=0



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