I have been messing around with the ARDUINO, Having given up on the Raspberry Pi
While the PI is much more powerful, you have to struggle with the LINUX operating system before you can actually work with any programs.
I have dedicated functions I want to do, and it seems the Arduino is better suited for it.
I had purchased the TNC-PI to try and make an APRS I-GATE for my shack. My location is ideal for providing APRS coverage for APRS-FI internet coverage for much of San DIego area. And deep into the back country.
I worked feverishly trying to get the PI working but failed badly. Others were successfully but wanted to keep how they did it a secret.
So now I am trying to do the same with the Arduino
here are the 3 main components


On the left is the Arduino UNO
In the middle is a ETHERNET adapter 
and on the right is the PACKET Adapter called a RADIO SHIELD 2 by Argent Data Systems
They all plug right into each other!





This project is detailed in the ARRLs “Ham Radio for Arduino and Pickaxe” book.
the project is called AIRGATE by DL8RDS
I loaded the program, but so far not much happens.
Maybe it needs some tweaking.
The WINDOWS ARDUINO programming program is easy to use.
They call plug in boards “SHIELDS” for some reason.
and Programs are called “SKETCHES”
So this seems a better route to getting an RX IGate on the air. I have a spare Kenwood TM-261A with a blown PA Module, so since it won’t be transmitting anyway

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Tags : 201605, W5100, Ethernet Shield, Arduino

Author : WA6MHZ



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Minne (PA2KGF)
Minne (PA2KGF)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I was thinking in the same direction and I am planning to build something similar like your idea. Just wondering if you succeded whith the project, and if so, did you post it somewhere?

73 de PA2KGF

Minne (PA2KGF)
Minne (PA2KGF)

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