Arduino test sketch & circuit with iOSC


Arduino test sketch & circuit with iOSC

by iOSC


This project shows how to use iOCS Library with Arduino & Ethernet shield.

This is OSC class library for Arduino and simple test sketching.

OSCclass Arduino library ver1.0.1

  • It is necessary to connect EthernetShiled to Arduino.
  • Connect the iPhone to a Wi-Fi router.
  • Arduino connects with a Wi-Fi router by cable LAN.

  • Please build the Arduino test circuit.

What is iOSC

iOSC is a remote control application that uses the OSC (Open Sound Control) protocol.

Using the OSC protocol over your device’s built-in Wi-Fi connection, iOSC communicates with other compatible hardware and software nodes on your network. You can also remote control the middleware such as Max MSP, Processing, ActionScript (FLOSC) and many other devices that support the OSC protocol from your iPhone.

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