Control RGB led using Android and Arduino


Overview :

Control RGB led using Android and Arduino.



Required :

  • Arduino Uno
  • Ethernet shield(w5100)
  • Smartphone with Android


Configuration :

Android side:

  • Colour picker View
  • Http client that sends data



Arduino side:

  • HTTP server to get data
  • Simple JSON parser
  • RGB led handler



To make things working there are several aspects to consider: first, it is necessary to create an Android app so that we can select the colour we want. Then, it is necessary to send data to Arduino. The data is built by the three colour values (Red, Green, Blue). One the Arduino side, the RGB led controller, we have to create a server that receives the three colours values and controls RGB led.


The final result is shown below:


Dated : March, 2016

Original :

Author : Francesco Azzola,


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