Arduino scrolling marquee

The Arduino contacts a website, reads 50+ Christmas messages into memory, then displays them randomly on the marquee. When people around the world control the house and tree Christmas lights, this marquee displays where they are from.

Easy Arduino IoT with Cayenne

his is he’s first time make a simple Arduino IoT (Internet of Things) project with Cayenne, for controlling an LED & monitoring analog value of a potentiometer. No need any IoT board (Intel Galileo, Intel Edison, Arduino Yun, etc), IoT shield (Ethernet shield, Yun shield, etc) or IoT module (ESP8266, etc). Just use an Arduino Uno & connected to a PC. Cayenne can be accessed from desktop web page or simply use its Android/iOS application on smartphone. More information visit Please wait for its tutorial on he’s Youtube channel.

Intelligent Bin (i-BIN)

engineering team project:
A bin equipped with a monitoring system that able to show which bins were full in a particular area. It can save your time as well as labour cost to search for full bins and clean up those bins.