Arduino Ethernet Switches


Arduino Ethernet Relay Controller



This is based on the original Arduino Switches code for HomeGenie and some of the freely available Arduino code.

Hardware Requirements:

  • Arduino Uno, Mega 2560 or equivalent
  • Ethernet Shield W5100 for Arduino Uno, Mega or equivalent
  • JBtek 8 Channel DC 5V Relay Module
  • Patch cable 200mm male to female

A very simple project, no soldering required.

The HomeGenie part is a series of virtual switches activating the Arduino over Ethernet,

Attached code for Arduino is based on the Arduino Mega 2560 and uses pin 31 to 38.

Ethernet shield code is based on DHCP IP address assignment.

The Arduino relays are controlled via a simple API.

This project has potential for further development to include sensors and messaging. I may work on this, but if anybody else wants to jump in, you are very welcome to do so.


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Tags : 201511, W5100, Ethernet Shield, Arduino

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