Temperature monitor via TCP/IP


Temperature monitor via TCP/IP

by Quem sou eu


The difference of this tutorial to the former is the middle where we will monitor temperatures. With this project (WebTemp) you can monitor, for example, a greenhouse, a meat locker or even your cellar) all remotely by LAN or over the Internet using computer or cell phone via Wifi. To do so, we will use a Shield, which is an auxiliary Board “skewered” on Arduino that has a particular functionality, you can buy it as well as create your own shield. There are shields practically to all, that link http://shieldlist.org/ you can see the list of shields available per manufacturer, as well as the pins that they occupy in the Arduino! For this project we will use one of the shields I like best and one of the most interesting, the EthernetShield http://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoEthernetShield, which implements the TCP/IP stack and support for UDP, enabling communication via ethernet. For easy implementation, we use the model that has the Wiznet 5100 chip.

How to connect Temp. sensor to Arudion

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