DIY standalone Weather Station powered by Arduino


DIY standalone Weather Station powered by Arduino

by crakensio


The idea of Building a community weather station using Open hardware Kicked a long back. We people from a local DIY community build this weather station. In our country we don’t give importance to weather data apart from the days where we have heavy rain or cyclone. It’s always good to have weather data which could be accessed by local community.

We build this project with a desire to have more numbers of similar stations in and around our place. so that we will have huge amount of community owned data. We want to reduce the cost as much as possible and don’t want to include complex stuff in the project. We chose Arduino as our platform since we can make hardware that is cost effective as well as not much complex.


Electronics Stuff
  • Arduino Mega 2560 or Arduino Uno
  • Arduino Ethernet Shield W5100
  • DHT11 Temperature sensor
  • BMP180 Pressure Sensor
  • IR module
  • HMC588L Magnetic Sensor
  • Ribbon Cable
  • 9V DC adaptor( Any thing that can power your Arduino )
Other Hardware Stuff
  • Wooden plank and Plywood for Stevenson screen
  • Iron Tripod( for deploying the station)
  • PVC pipe and stuff
  • Cups for Anemometer
  • Ball bearings and slip rings
  • Old SMPS enclosure
  • long Ethernet cable. Very long


Anemometer and Wind-vane Mount
  • 1.5 M 2″ PVC pipe
  • 2″ T joint
  • 2″ to 0.5″ Reducer
  • 0.5″ PVC pipe
  • 0.5″ L bend Joint
  • 0.5″ L bend small

Learn More

For more information, please refer to the following link. website


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