Automated Watering System


Ever wanted to keep your precious plants watered and know when they need water, when you are on a vacation or so?

This project uses and Arduino with Ethernet shield, to check the soil moisture level and when to water the plant.
The program measures the moisture level every 3 second and check it it is under a chosen threshold. If it is above, it measures 10 more time at find the mean along with the standard deviation to check if the plant needs to be watered. The current moisture level along with last calculated mean and standard deviation will be send to a web server, so it is possible to follow the plant.

Parts List

These are the components needed for the project:

  • 1 x Arduino Uno
  • 1 x Ethernet Shield
  • 1 x RJ45 cable
  • 1 x Breadboard
  • 1 x External power source (9-12V)
  • 1 x MOSFET transistor
  • 1 x Diode
  • 1 x 9V battery
  • 1 x Peristaltic pump
  • 1 x Soil moisture kit
  • Jump wires

Note that the different components can be of different types and working range. Make sure that yours work safely together (Though in this case, most does).

Circuit Overview

Picture of Circuit Overview


For more information about this project, please refer to the following URL.


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