Ethernet Based Data Acquisition System Using LabVIEW


This is a research paper. The abstract of this paper is described as follows :

In scientific research organizations like Institute for Plasma Research (IPR), Data Acquisition system is widely used for acquiring signal emanated from sensors in different systems. Thus multifunction board is designed which acquires as well as generate analog voltage. The hardware consists of ADC, DAC, FPGA and Ethernet controller. The control signal for interfacing Ethernet controller, ADC and DAC is generated in FPGA. The data is transferred from board to host PC through Ethernet. The software for acquisition is developed in LabVIEW. The present work proposes a simple, robust multifunctional data acquisition with industrial standards for isolation and compactness. It is suitable for slow sampling analog data acquisition where data accuracy and resolution is more important than the rate of sampling.

Ethernet Based Data Acquisition System
Ethernet Based Data Acquisition System

The system in the paper used a soft IP core of 32 bit RISC micro-controller system (MCS); MicroBlaze is implemented on SPARTAN 6 FPGA to configure Wiznet’s Ethernet controller W5300 to establish the TCP/IP communication link between the TCP server, FPGA in DAQ board and the TCP client program on LabVIEW.

For more information, please refer to the following link. (There is no firmware source code in this paper. If you need, I suggest that you would contact the author directly.)

It’s from International Journal of Engineering Research and General Science Volume 4, Issue 1, January-February, 2016


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please tell that how to config and connecting w5300 to fpga