7 inch display board with WizFi210


7 inch display board with WizFi210

by MCSElec


This post shows the UDP connection with the WizFi210 and Android phone. You can show the same display on your smartphone with 7 inch touch-screen. You can control and monitor light, temperature, and humidity for your home devices using your smartphone.

The MCSElec explains how to use WizFi210 and 7 inch touch screen on this post.

How to use WizFi210

  • WIZFI210 Wireless network
  • BTM220 Class 1 bluetooth
  • Bluegiga WT41 1 kilometer bluetooth
  • SCP1000 barometer
  • DS1337 clock with battery backup
  • RS232
  • Alvidi AVRB Atxmega128A1 module
  • 7 inch display
  • FT232RL USB
Source code

Include a PDF-file for the 7 inch display and some pictures for the Alvidi on-board SD-card : Download Ssd1963_7inch.zip

DS1338-33 clock

Put a DS1338-33 clock IC on the board. It is the 3,3 volts 1307.
Got some help to get soft I2c running, the command $forcesofti2c did the trick. And if you study the history.txt files of the Bascom-AVR updates, you will find this command.


HKipnik made an example how to make an UDP connection between the 7 inch display board and a Android SmartPhone.

To configure the WIZFI210 with WPA or WEP key, with DHCP or fixed IP and to have it auto-connect a level converter RS232 from PC straight to the WIZFI210.

Bascom, Android and Wireless, all credit goes to HKipnik alias HKBascom alias Heiko.

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