Ethernet to MIDI&RS232 + DMX512 Interface


This is a do-it-yourself construction manual for an interface which controls a serial port (MIDI or RS-232) and a DMX512 transmitter through wired Ethernet. 

(I would quote original since it is pretty difficult to understand and introduce this specialized product. Please refer to the original posting for more information.)

Following modes of operation are implemented:

  • The basic mode of operation is bidirectional 1:1 “transparent” communication between Ethernet (TCP or UDP) and the MIDI&RS-232 port.
  • The MIDI&RS-232 port may be set to standard PC baudrates up to 115200 baud in addition to MIDI speed (31250 baud).
  • Optionally (selected by jumper or switch) bytes sent as hex formatted ASCII text are retransmitted in 8 bit binary format from MIDI OUT. Vice versa, every byte received at MIDI IN is retransmitted as ASCII text via Ethernet (or USB).
  • A set of OSC (Open Sound Control) methods is provided, which is most useful to control conventional MIDI devices by apps installed on a smartphone or mobile tablet. The set of implemented OSC methods is oriented to communicate with “TouchOSC” and “Control”. More MIDI specific methods and a simple compiler for user specific OSC methods are available.
  • The new version 2.9 (March 2016) supports a complete unverse of 512 DMX channels.
    Different command sets for DMX control are provided:
    — by ASCII text commands
    — the MiniDMX protocol
    — a specific set of OSC methods for DMX512 control
    — by MIDI channel messages

If you would like to have more information such as operation manual, please get them from here(PDF file).

Please refer to the following link for more information such as source code.


You can also find systems with using other interface at the following link;



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