Home Automation using Arduino Part-I


1. Project Description


The author in this project made use of Arduino + Ethernet Shield and web hosting for easy implementation of home automation. This project is configured to control the hardware using the free web hosting(2freehosting) through MySQL database. Users can control their device through laptop, android, and IOS anywhere if they are using the web hosting. Instead of producing separate user interface, users can turn on and off the device by changing value of Database. This will help users turn on or off home appliances in their house using relay connected to Arduino.


The author’s instructables page is including web server and each code of Arduino device.


The followings are features for this project.

  1. Control more than 10 devices (depends upon which Arduino You use.Aduino Mega can control more than 30 devices)
  2. Monitor status of our device ie that’s on or not.
  3. Control devices from anywhere 4. Its using Arduino so low cost and easy to make.


2. Parts

  1. Arduino UNO or Mega
  2. Ethernet shield
  3. A domain and host (you can use dot.tk for domain and 2freehosting for hosting both are free or use domain from 2freehosting ☺ )
  4. Internet connection
  5. Relay board (or you can make one )
  6. Testing lamp or led (if you use led don’t need Relay board)
  7. Working brain 😛


3. Implement Guideline and Source Code

Users can find implement guideline and source code on the author’s website. For more information, please refer to the following link;
Link: http://www.instructables.com/id/Home-Automation-Using-Arduino-Part-I


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