Alert of AWS CloudWatch in Arduino


This project is very simple and detail information about connect cloud service. so good news for IoT maker.

Today’s story is the story since the fun fun electronic work after a long time.

But it is you want to monitor and vital resources are making a instance in AWS, and you’ll ne!

I think you can not notice email alerts though. Communication tool called e-mail You are becoming obsolete! (Just me?)

Outside if can not be helped, but at such time, in order to notice immediately in the office red rotating lamp I everyone will notice I if it is around.

So, Chaimashou stuck a revolving light and Amazon CloudWatch.

So to say that it takes a little time to make a red revolving light, this time, turn the red LED!

It makes a simple, receives access to its own server from Arduino, the status of the AWS CloudWatch in its own server response, in the Arduino, and reflected in the red LED.
First of all, in order to connect the Arduino and server Arduino Uno and Ethernet shield connecting, and then insert the LAN cable to the Ethernet shield.


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